December 31, 2018

Playing with your children is an important element in building and safeguarding their self-esteem. Setting aside time to do this lets your children know that you value your time with them.  When children know that their most significant others value their time together...

December 15, 2018

I write this blog in reaction to a Facebook post I saw yesterday.  A lady in hateful terms expressed that if she wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, then she was not going to be stopped and that if anyone disliked her sentiments they could "go back home where th...

Road rage

Road rage is aggressive or angry behavior exhibited by a driver of a road vehicle, which includes rude and offensive gestures, verbal insults, physical threats or dangerous driving methods targeted toward another driver or a pedestrian in an effort to intimida...

A mile down the country road from me is a combination middle and high school.  Yesterday, as I approached it on my way to a doctor’s appointment, I saw a police car with its lights spinning and a pile of cars.  My immediate thought was, “Wow!  That officer has made his...

I am 57 years old and feeling quite gracious right now.  My future son-in-law called me “Ma.”  I never knew how honored I would feel when the time came to hear that.  Needless to say, I approve of my daughter’s choice in a future spouse.  But that is another story.  To...

September 15, 2017

During the press lead up to and the duration of Hurricane Irma, I heard countless city commissioners, sheriffs and mayors ask people to be “patient” at the gas pumps and to be “nice.“  When I heard this, I wondered why this could not be an expectation.  Why is it that...

“Proactive?” you ask.  Did you know that the profiles of most bullies contain information indicating that they react out of jealousy, insecurity and low self-esteem?  Yes, you have a system in place to report bullying and to punish the bully after the act.  But what if...

This past Saturday, my husband had the Mike Calta Show on 102.5 FM playing in the car while we were doing errands.  Mr. Calta was interviewing Billy Fucillo of “HUGE” Fucillo Kia and Nissan fame.  The topic was racism.  Mr. Fucillo was asked what his experiences with r...

Jealousy in children!  Will it ever stop?  As adults, we have to examine our own behavior before we can answer this question.

Jealousy unfortunately does exist in adulthood.  About eight years ago, I diverted from teaching for a short time because the county I had...

Parents, it’s ten o’clock!  Have your kids had their dose of empathy yet?  Betcha they have!  Here are 19 ways that you can guarantee your children have experienced empathy from you.  Check off the items you have done and keep up the good work every day!

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August 12, 2018

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May 26, 2017

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