El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio are the two latest sites for mass murder.  According to the non-profit Gun Violence Archve, there were 251 mass murders this year alone.  The year is not over!  For the k-zillionth time, what does it have to take for our country to wake...

As I was sitting watching 60 Minutes tonight, cemented in my mind came two common elements barring us from true peace in this world: lack of respect and lack of empathy. On tonight's 60 Minutes broadcast, China was identified as the major party to fentanyl overdoses fo...

Just watched the movie, “Blackkklansman.”  If you have not seen it, it is the true story of the exposure of David Duke’s “organization” of hatred and white supremacy.  I felt so great to learn that he was exposed for the violent, ignorant person that he is.  The sting...

Every elementary school is mandated to have some sort of a safety/anti-bullying program.  They do.  So why do we still have bullying?

Three key elements are missing from a successful safety/anti-bullying program.  There is no proactive plan to esteem all...

Again in the news, another senseless killing of a police officer.  A lady who was at the funeral observed that the fellow officers of the deceased worked together to honor him and helped their comrade's family with funeral preparations.  She spoke what I have believed...

I just read an article claiming that today’s children are overprotected and deprived of opportunities to work problems out.  A reminiscence of the author was that his generation got to ride their bikes all over town during the day and played unsupervised until all hour...

As initial news coverage of Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas shooter emerged, a portrait of his brother in disbelief was broadcast.  The brother said he could not foresee his brother doing such a thing.  My immediate thought was, “Either the two brothers were estranged o...

Standoffish!  Disconnected!  Antisocial!  These are qualities witnesses used to describe Stephen Paddock, the latest mass murderer in the United States.  These are adjectives repeatedly used to describe murderers – one of the worst kind of bullies next to pedophiles....

CNN just reported last night that a study found that fathers cater more to their daughters than to their sons, thus explaining the lesser degree of empathy among boys versus girls.  There must be something to this.

A couple of years ago, my husband and I were entering a...

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August 12, 2018

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May 26, 2017

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