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Concussion: Don't Be a Caveman!

Just saw the movie, “Concussion.” Wow! I think we still have some cavemen in our midst! Dr. Bennet Omalu’s evidence brought out the truth in the relationship of concussion to the premature and tragic deaths of NFL football players. Football is so embedded into American culture that the NFL fought viciously to squelch Dr. Omalu’s findings. Cavemen!

This resembles the resistance smokers had in accepting the Surgeon General’s Warning about the hazards of tobacco and the resistance in acknowledging the concern of others over the effects of second-hand smoke in public places. It is only the cavemen who continue to smoke and complain about their right to do so anywhere they feel like it.

Have you ever wondered why restaurants are now serving “light cuisine”? It is in response to the overwhelming evidence of the dangers of excess salt and fat in a diet.

Why is it that most manufacturers of children’s hooded sweatshirts no longer

include ties? It is because of the petition of the father of the little girl who got caught on a hook in a slide and inadvertently hung herself. Just one cry for help instigated this move.

You’d think a full-blown study of several cases would surely have more impact and dedicated response. How many more senseless deaths have to happen before the NFL reacts responsibly in the prevention of concussion and the treatment of it? Hey cavemen, it’s not funny!

My definition of caveman:

Those who refuse to accept and find solutions to the proven dangers of the past.

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