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Have You Been Booed Yet?

There is a tradition in the older part of my senior community that has been passed on to the newer part this year. I was so pleased to take part in it. It is called, “Have You Been Booed Yet?"

A few days before Halloween, members of your community subdivision make up some Halloween arrangement of candy and decorations and present it in creative ways anonymously at your door. The whole idea is not to be caught booing. Once you receive your goodies, you are to make and deliver two arrangements of your own creation and place a sign at your door that you have already been booed. This ideally insures that the booing is spread around the whole subdivision.

My Mom was from the older part of my community and used to relish in this ritual. She used to make up arrangements and send her goodies via her husband. They used to ring doorbells and run so not to be discovered. Since her husband was a faster runner, he got the honor of booing select neighbors. I thought, “How fun! An adult way to celebrate Halloween!”

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