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Spread the Joy of Gratitude

I am 57 years old and feeling quite gracious right now. My future son-in-law called me “Ma.” I never knew how honored I would feel when the time came to hear that. Needless to say, I approve of my daughter’s choice in a future spouse. But that is another story. Today I want to talk about the uplifting value of gratitude.

I wonder if I were never taught to be thankful for anything, would I have this feeling of honor and gratitude? Would I want to spread the word about how great gratitude feels? Would I feel like giving to others?

Young children need to learn how to give thanks as well as to be thankful. It is a wonderful feeling to get things, but it is an even more powerful feeling to keep it going – to share it.

If you’ve taken gratitude for granted, deliberately model thankfulness to your children when the opportunity arises. Gratitude gives you such a natural high. And isn’t it great to see the glow in the face of our children when they feel thanked and when they give thanks? Let us not deprive them of this wonderful emotion.

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