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Cyrus Bacon, the pig, is bullied because of his enormous size.  He soon learns to bully to make himself feel better.  However, that does not work very well.  He has scared all those animals around him, so that he really feels quite alone.  Given one more chance by his barn fellows, Cyrus learns that cooler heads win out in the end.  He contributes his unique talents to a surprise party for Farmer Ray and Mrs. Adelia's 50th wedding anniversary and has a ton of fun!

Young children and their adults will enjoy this sweet story and charming drawings about Cyrus Bacon the pig and what happens when he is mean to the other barnyard animals.  Adults can use the book to talk with children about why Cyrus causes this safety problem, what the other animals do to protect themselves, and how Cyrus makes amends -- with a happy ending about how they all have fun together.

-- Irene van der Zande, Executive Director and Founder,

Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International

I am so happy for Kelly Ann's book, "The Red Pig."  The message is timely for society today and it's so important to teach our children to keep their cool, that anger and bullying are not going to accomplish much of anything.  Plus, it's a wonderful reminder for those who are reading to children and with children, that together we can make a difference.

-- Joni Downey, President & Founder, Characters of Character


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