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Hello!  My name is Kelly Ann Guglietti.  I am a retired elementary school educator and an author/screenwriter.  My aim is to eradicate bullying with esteem-building character education.  My message has been broadcast on  "The Source with Robin & Larry," on WOCA-AM  1370 and my first book, "The Green Tom" received a positive review in the New Hampshire School Counselor Association Newsletter, Connections.  Both "The Yellow Sea Lioness" and "The Orange Chihuahua" have animated feature film screenplays entered into screenwriting contests and listed with Stage 32.  "The Yellow Sea Lioness" was a quarterfinalist in the StoryPros Screenplay Contest in 2018.  "The Orange Chihuahua"  was dubbed a Top Ten Best Story for the Month of April 2019 at the WildSound Family and Drama Film Festival.


My books, “The Green Tom,” “The Yellow Sea Lioness,” “The Orange Chihuahua” and "The Red Pig" are character education books.  They are to be used as a proactive element to any anti-bullying program.  They aim to bully-proof children by strengthening their self-esteem and building empathy for others.

According to research done by the PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center, students who engage in bullying behavior are prone to academic problems, substance abuse and violent behavior later in adolescence and adulthood (Center for Disease Control, 2015).  Also found in their research is that school-based bullying prevention programs decreased bullying by up to 25% (McCallion and Feder, 2013).  I believe we can raise that statistic closer to 100%.


It is known that bullies pick on those who appear vulnerable (Hart & Caven, 2013).  My thought is that if we teach all children to esteem themselves and empathize with others, then over time, we may just create a generation and culture of non-bullies.  If highly esteemed children were the norm, then whom would bullies have to bully?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have to explain to a young child what bullying WAS in the same manner we teach what segregation or any other historical concept was?

At the end of each of my books are fun, multileveled literacy activity pages to facilitate reflection of child or student experience with the moral each story covers.  You choose the appropriate page(s) for your audience.  “The Green Tom” teaches the silliness of jealousy.  “The Yellow Sea Lioness” encourages children to pursue their own interests and not judge themselves by the talents of others.  “The Orange Chihuahua” touts the message that in order to know your true worth you have to be your true self.  My fourth book, "The Red Pig" reveals the make-up of a bully, how his behavior affects those around him and that cooler heads win out in the end.

To a more literate and compassionate tomorrow!

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