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How is a parent, teacher or guidance counselor to build self-esteem in children ages four through ten?  With funny stories and reflection, of course!

The Green Tom


Cat and Princess Renna grew up together.  Gradually Princess Renna slips away.  She is soon to marry Prince John.  What is a cat to do?  Become a prince, of course!  Well. . . . . Princess Renna devises and implements a few clever, funny lessons to show Cat that being a tomcat is just fine.

The Yellow Sea Lioness


Near the Channel Islands, off the coast of Santa Barbara, lived Lu-sea, an energetic sea lion pup who loved to sing.  But when Lu-sea took music classes in school, she feared singing because her friends seemed more talented than she.  Through her life span, Lu-sea did some amazing things.  It was at her retirement that Lu-sea realized the influence she had left on so many in her community just by being herself.

The Orange Chihuahua


Amador is an obedient, mild-mannered, and beloved pup by day.  At midnight, with the help of his master's magic slippers, he transforms into Chile, a bold, overconfident braggart.  Chile is the life of the parties he starts -- or so he thinks.  When Amador's master changes his slippers, there is no magic, and Amador's disguise is revealed.  His true friends assure him that Chile was not all he made himself out to be and that they liked him for who he really was.

The Red Pig

Cyrus Bacon, the pig, is bullied because of his enormous size.  He soon learns to bully to make himself feel better.  However, that does not work very well.  He has scared all those animals around him, so that he really feels quite alone.  Given one more chance by his barn fellows, Cyrus learns that cooler heads win out in the end.  He contributes his unique talents to a surprise party for Farmer Ray and Mrs. Adelia's 50th wedding anniversary and has a ton of fun!

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