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I am looking to diversify further in order to provide a ghostwriting service to authors who have the ideas, but have a hard time putting them down on paper.  If you have a compelling story to tell, but do not have the time or patience to write it down, consider my ghostwriting service.  You get total credit and I am totally invisible to your audience.  “I do write by you.”

You will have regular contact with me.  I will email chapters of your book upon completion for you to edit or approve.  You can call my phone number between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, with questions or to throw ideas around.   You will never have to wonder if I am working for you.  Your trust is of utmost importance.

Your final product will be in proper manuscript format to submit for traditional or self-publishing.  This professional look will make your work more appealing to literary agents and publishing companies alike.  

If you can meet my terms described below and are truly serious about getting your story out, please use my contact tab to communicate your interest.  A contract will be sent when you are ready.


$8,000.00 before service begins.

$8,000.00 at midpoint of service.

$8,000.00 before delivery of final product.

All monies transferred are nonrefundable.



Children’s Fiction, Crime/Detective/Police/Fire, Family Saga, General Fiction, Historical Fiction, Juvenile Fiction, Middle Grade Fiction, Multicultural Fiction, Picture Book, Poetry Collection and Short Story Collection.


Art, Autobiography or Biography, Celebrity, Cooking/Cookbook, Current Events/Affairs, Film/Entertainment, General Non-Fiction, Health/Wellness/Lifestyle, History, How-to, Humor, Medical/ Medicine, Memoir, Multicultural, Music, Narrative, Parenting/Child Guidance, Photography, Science, Self-Help/Personal Development, Spirituality and Women’s Issues.


Kelly A. Guglietti,

KAG Ghostwriter

Office #:  352-668-4612; Cell #: 727-421-1707

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