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Who's the Bully?

My husband and I ate breakfast out a couple weeks back with another couple and their two middle school grandsons. One grandson, Brent, had recently been suspended from school for a few days for fending a bully off a female classmate in their school cafeteria. I wonder what message that left with all the witnesses to that altercation?

A female friend had asked to sit at Brent's table at lunch because a fellow student was "hanging all over her" and she did not want to be bothered. Brent and his friends obliged. The aggressive student pushed his way onto the table bench next to the girl, put his arm around her and started calling her all sorts of sleezy things. Brent asked the boy to stop. He did not. Brent threw his milk carton at the boy and this sparked a fight. Brent defended the girl's right to a hassle-free lunch. Both he and the boy got a three-day suspension from school for it. Where is the justice?

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