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Wake Up: Mass Murders are Real!

El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio are the two latest sites for mass murder. According to the non-profit Gun Violence Archve, there were 251 mass murders this year alone. The year is not over! For the k-zillionth time, what does it have to take for our country to wake up from all of this and do something about it? What would be so wrong about banning assault rifles as a common item in the home?

I am an elementary educator that used to get amused when students were asked to run an errand on school grounds. The students would burst out their pod doors with glee, as if they were getting away with something. Most Florida school hallways are outside. It is not such a thrill anymore. The little tikes look back over their shoulders the whole way, too embarrassed to admit their fear to their buddy.

Our school district has manned their schools with at least one armed officer, but he or she cannot be everywhere at all times. Newer schools are built like fortresses. Older schools have added fences and locks. These are all just band-aids that inadvertently promote school as a possible place of danger. Why are we putting our children and grandchildren through this anxiety? Should school not be a place of fun and learning, a place to meet friends and laugh with joy at silly things. Wasn't it that way for most of us? Why are we taking this away from the next generation? They will grow to be scared to say and do anything for fear of being shot. Where will our country be then?

Wake up! Mass murders are real! The time to do something about this was sooner than yesterday! Let's get going!

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