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Which Sandal Will Dads Fix First?

CNN just reported last night that a study found that fathers cater more to their daughters than to their sons, thus explaining the lesser degree of empathy among boys versus girls. There must be something to this.

A couple of years ago, my husband and I were entering a Home Depot as a father and young boy were hurrying out. The boy called out to his dad to inform him that his sandal came undone. The father instructed his son to “suck it up, bud.” Going down another aisle in the same Home Depot store on the same day, a little girl was prancing behind her father when her sandal came off. The little girl called out to inform her dad that her sandal did indeed come off. The father immediately turned back toward his daughter, squatted down and said, “Aw, sweetie, come here. Daddy will fix that sandal.”

We females grow to be the weaker sex physically, but emotionally we are the strongest. Hmmm dads, which sandal do you attend to first?

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