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The Importance of Play in Your Children's Life

Playing with your children is an important element in building and safeguarding their self-esteem. Setting aside time to do this lets your children know that you value your time with them. When children know that their most significant others value their time together, they feel on top of the world.

Feeling on top of the world at home gives children confidence to explore other relationships outside the home. Having mastered the rules of play at home, children can feel safe in venturing play at daycare, school and other outside sources. They know how to avoid fights by waiting their turn, sharing play equipment, using their words instead of their fists to communicate and being good sports.

So the next time you find yourself picking up your children and lightly tossing them on the couch in a spontaneous game of superheroes, know that the worth of that moment transcends time by eons. You are showing your children that they mean the world to you unconditionally. What a great feeling your children will live with and be able to pass on to future generations. We could do with a lot more well-esteemed children in this world for sure!

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