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Diversity Within Your Own Culture Exists: Understand Your Source Before Passing Judgment

Thirty-four years ago, my grandfather picked up my brother from the Logan Airport in Boston. My grandfather lifted his suitcase and my brother carried his guitar case. My grandfather stepped into a revolving door. My brother hopped in right behind him -- literally, the neck of the guitar case landing right between my grandfather's legs. My grandfather jumped and sang something obscur in soprano." They both tip-toed forward and out of the revolving door.

At the young age of 19, my brother had not yet been privy to entering a revolving door while accompanied with friends or family. He did not know you were supposed to file into the next compartment available.

This is just a reminder of the diversity we have in this world. Not everyone -- even people of our own culture -- has the same experiences. So if something strange yet harmless happens to you, take a deep breath, ask questions calmly, understand and laugh well if the other party doesn't mind.

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