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Jump in! The Karaoke's Fine!

Trying something new can be scary. Don’t let fear stand in the way of having fun. I’m telling you this as much as I am telling myself. What does karaoke conjure up in your mind? Do you go for it or do you sit in the sidelines? If you like to sing, go for it! Again, I am telling you this as much as I am telling myself.

My husband and I met my daughter’s former fifth grade teacher, Bob and his wife, Cyndi for lunch last weekend. It turns out we live in the same community. They are real karaoke junkies. They have turned their hobby into a business, performing at local venues. Of course, they are looking for new “talent” as well.

I sang karaoke on a cruise ship ten years ago. I sang Cher’s “Gypsy, Tramps and Thieves” well enough to get a standing ovation. Wow! That felt good! I cannot blame a false sense of bravado on alcohol, as I do not drink. I do not know what it was that made me go up there, but I know I cannot duplicate that effort with the same results . . . . . or can I?

Bob asked me to try out his sound machine after I got done at school. We tried a few songs that I liked, but I sounded like the stiff, scared person that I am. My voice went hoarse and flat. Then I tried the Carpenter’s “Close to You.” I did much better, with only a few kinks to work out per Bob . . . . clear up a few flat notes by putting more force into my words, breathe and relax. I will practice my song over the next week, try once more in Bob’s studio and make the final decision to perform or not to perform. I have two weeks!

If you are ever in this predicament, close your eyes and jump in. You can only meet new friends, some of who are just as nervous as you are. And you are not being paid for this. You can go back to your day job with no repercussion. OK, I think I’ve convinced myself. How about you?

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