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Kindness Just Makes Common Sense

My husband and I took out his roadster for a spin around our over-55 community. In a neighboring subdivision, we passed what looked like a man, probably twenty years our senior, who had fallen in his lawn. His walker was one of those walkers on wheels and it had taken a trip of its own.

Two ladies riding their bicycles happened on the scene just seconds before we did. They jumped off their bikes, kicked their kickstands down and ran to the man's aid. We slowly backed up to insure that we did not hit the ladies.

When we asked the ladies if they needed any help, they told us they had everything under control. And yes they did, but we stayed anyway. One of the ladies went to retrieve the walker and helped the man up. The other lady stood in front of the walker to make sure it did not roll. My husband and I watched as the man pushed hard to pull himself up. The pain on his face was almost too much to bear. He wore a brace on his right shin and he just had no muscle tone. It did not look like the ladies were going to be able to assist him, so my husband jumped out of the car. At that moment, the man straightened himself out into a standing position. The ladies helped him to solid ground, so that he could continue to walk.

Such a simple act of kindness to show concern for your fellow neighbors. How could anyone do otherwise? Kindness just makes common sense!

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