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Good Things Do Come in Small Packages

This picture reminds me of a "Grab-Bag" Christmas party I attended while in Junior Girl Scouts. I was the mousy, non-aggressive scout and the package I ended up with was maybe 3" x 2" x 1". All my fellow scouts got Barbie Dating Games, Operation and other games popular in the 60's. I got a little green coin purse. I was so mad and jealous!

It was then that I learned my mother's view on jealousy: it was an ugly sin! Feeling guilty, I stashed the coin purse away in the back of my top dresser drawer. I moved several times since then and it was always put back in my top drawer. It was not until I went to college that the little green coin purse got any action. Boy, what action it did get! I used it for my quarters to do laundry and to take the subway for five years! It finally cracked in half on my last day on campus.

Thank you, Tina, wherever you are! The coin purse turned out to be a very convenient and useful treasure -- even if it was in a small package!

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