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I Was a Yellow Sea Lioness, but Never a Green Tom, Thank God!

I had the most amazing experience late yesterday afternoon! On Facebook, I met an acquaintance I had from way back in junior high school. She was the inspiration behind a character in my book, "The Yellow Sea Lioness." I had been trying to locate her so I could send a copy to her.

This acquaintance grew to have a successful career in Broadway productions and now coaches voice in her own company. She has enough success where she can afford to be snooty if she wants, but she was so gracious! We had such a long chat online. I felt like a little school girl once again. It was so nice to hear from her.

Thank God, my mother never tolerated jealousy. I was always in awe of my acquaintance's talent. Had I been jealous, my chance encounter with her would never had happened.

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