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Adults Can Put Verbal Slurs in the Trashcan, Too!

I just attended a monthly visit to my podiatrist this past Monday. My daughter aspires to go to medical school, so my doctor shares stories of when he was pursuing his medical degree. Today he shared with me a story of when he was a resident in a hospital before computers were in vogue. On a dry-erase board, a scheduler had colorcoded the names of each physician by discipline. His name was in green. When my doctor asked why his name was in green, the scheduler replied, "You know, gangrene? That's was you podiatrists deal with, gangrene!"

My doctor has a very cool, even disposition. He just shrugged it off, knowing the scheduler was not adequately informed of all a podiatrist experiences in a day. He joked with the scheduler that he must have been saving his green marker for when a podiatrist joined the staff, but he found no need to take it personal. Bravo, Doctor!

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