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Verbal Abuse Destroys

As my husband and I drive through our weekend errands together, he listens to a favorite radio station of his that usually broadcasts ridiculous content. But yesterday, there was an exception. The hosts of the broadcast aired an audio presentation of a frustrated mother's nasty, berating tyrade scolding her teenaged daughter over an indiscretion on Facebook. According to the hosts, this video went viral. The mother called her daughter all sorts of hurtful names (among the mildest -- lazy and disgusting) and posted this on Facebook as retaliation for her daughter's behavior.

I honestly wonder what good can come of this public humiliation? I am trying to put myself in the girl's shoes. It has been awhile since I was a teen. I can only assume that any trust the daughter had in her mom has been irrevocably broken. Her mom is no longer her go-to for support. Coming home and feeling your mother's disgust in you cannot be welcoming. The mother may get over her feelings, but how is the daughter to know that when there is no trust and comfort in talking?

You have to feel you measure up to something at home before you can have that feeling outside or even feel deserving enough to pursue it. After the tyrade I heard broadcast, I am not sure how any teen would have any ounce of self-worth. You need this esteem to dream and become a success in life. Self-esteem drives us to try new things. I hope this teen has the smarts to know where she can get the support she needs.

To all frustrated parents, the moral of this blog is to keep discipline in the home, keep it calm and unaccusatory. Explain your disappointment in or grave concern over your child's behavior and redefine your limits for tolerance of such behavior. At the beginning, middle or end -- or all three -- let your child know how much you love and care for them. This way both parties understand each other and communication remains open for the future. No one feels devalued.

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