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Great American Teach-In is Neat!

How neat is Great American Teach-In? Students have the opportunity for exposure to all sorts of jobs they have never heard of before. Many of the parents who came in to my school are interested in what their child audience is interested in -- science, saving lives, playing with technology, animals, etc. Their interests lead them to be who they are today -- a hydrogeologist, an EMT, a policeman, a fireman, a software designer for iphones and a trainer for dogs that help people who are wheelchair-bound. If the tradition of Great American Teach-In continues, students will learn many ways to tap their skills and interests.

When I was a little girl, we did not have the Great American Teach-In. I, like most girls in my generation, wanted to be a teacher or a nurse. I wanted to work in a school or a hospital and I thought those were the only opportunities available for young ladies who went to college. It was not until I was of age to look into colleges for my bachelor's degree that I found the profession of recreation therapy. Recreation therapists educate or re-educate clients to pursue leisure activities enjoyed before a trauma or disability occurred. I was able to teach in a hospital or medical setting.

Great American Teach-In stirs curiosity and encourages students to dream of possibilities beyond what they knew previous to their exposure. They attain more ideas to play with. How empowering! Now that's neat!

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