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A Happy Medium is Required in Culturally Responsive Classrooms

I have read articles similar to the one I am providing via the link below. It seems to imply that teachers should bend the traditional rules of a classroom in culturally responsive classrooms. While I do agree with its point to understand and know as much about the cultures you are dealing with, I think it unfair not to teach our norms to newcomers so that they may attain success in society outside the classroom. For instance, many cultures do not emphasize proper line behavior. Are foreign students to grow to expect their same place in line at a store checkout after they have stepped out because they forgot an item? Some cultures do not teach proper audience behavior as we know it, simply because the opportunity to be in an audience is rare in their representative countries. Should foreign students grow to expect that they can keep their seats if being disruptive? I think it only fair that exposure to our norms be taught so that students can grow to be successful in the community, in chosen professions, etc.

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