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For the Sake of Peace, Why Shoot?

In the wake of the recent mass shootings (which seems to be a phrase that will never end) I wonder what is the difference between the person who gets frustrated and thinks about his or her action before doing anything immoral and unlawful and the person who reflexively pulls out a gun. Where is the guilt felt by the reflexive person? Is it ever felt? Why not?

I ask why a person who does not like Americans, or gays, or people checking in with their babysitter via cell phone before a movie starts and anything else for that matter why they cannot dismiss themselves from what they do not like. Are these things really life and death matters?

I am an American. Due to the anti-American sentiment of many countries, I am not interested in travelling to these countries. So I don’t. No one is hurt by my reflection and decision to stay at home or travel elsewhere. If foreigners are living here and they do not like it, it is their right to leave. They do not have to stay and suffer with their perceptions. Who needs a gun?

The gay, lesbian, transgender culture is not my way of life for my own personal reasons. I treat all people, despite their viewpoints, with the respect they deserve as human beings. No one is hurt by my preference in lifestyle. If I am uneasy about two people of the same gender kissing in public, I do not have to look at it. I can remove myself from the scene. No one is hurt by my actions.

I frequent a movie theatre where a retired cop fired a gun at a young father who was checking in with his babysitter before the movie actually started. It was his first date with his wife since his daughter was born and he was concerned about his baby’s well being. Both parties could have easily relocated to another section of the theatre. In either case, what in the retired cop’s mind possessed him to carry a gun into a movie theatre in the first place and why did he feel he had the right to shoot this young parent? Why do I have to remember to turn my cell phone off before I enter the theatre instead of when I sit down in the theatre? Why do I see more prominent stickers on the front doors to the theatre forbidding weapons on the premises? Why should I think this or any other place is where I could die? A movie theatre is supposed to be an enjoyable place to be!

I wonder if people who reflexively shoot because of dislike, anger or frustration were ever taught self-control. Were they not specifically taught that murder is a sin and against the law? Did they forget that all men are created equal and as such are privy to the same rights and privileges? Yes, we have some people who abuse their rights and privileges; they are complete pigs. But do two wrongs make a right? If not both parties, someone has to step up and find the most humane solution to a problem. The world would be a whole lot more peaceful to be in.

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