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Police Lives Matter, Too

We must all remember what police are here for and why? Police make a promise to serve and to protect in their communities. Why? It is because they care deeply. How many people do you know who would willingly put on that uniform, kiss their spouse and children good-bye, knowing that could potentially be their last good-bye?

Police are real people, folks! They are here for us. In case you are still unsure, here are a few examples of police as caring humans:

In 1970, at age 10, I was chased by a man who had raped and incinerated six girls between the ages of 6 and 12. I was the only one to get away. Two policemen came to my home to interview me. The human quality of one officer came out when he robotically asked me the routine question of whether I was wearing anything promiscuous. He had to delicately define that word for me, as I had not come across it in my fourth grade spelling book. With my information, the police officers were able to nab the felon that had been so elusive in the past year or so. That felon served 25 years in prison because police cared enough to seek prosecution. Thank you, sirs!

In 2002, my daughter was just going to bed as the doorbell rang. Scared, she ran to the living room couch at the back of the house. I opened the Venetian blinds in my den to see who it was. I told the person at the front door that I was not interested. She explained that she was a Jehovah Witness and she wanted to spread the word of God to my home. As it was 9:00 at night, I was not going to open the door for anyone. As I left the den, this woman pounded on my front door demanding to come in or I would soon perish. Guess who I called. Right! The police. It was a policeman that caught up with this woman and explained that she was not supposed to solicit in our community and that I had a right not to open my door for her. I never saw her again! Thank you, sir!

My second cousin is the Chief of Police in a small town. He was once tasked with the project of coming up with a new logo for his police department. He used the outline of our great uncle (who was also a police officer) and two young boys within the logo. One of those boys was my father. When I went to visit a couple of years ago, he gave me a cup holder with his logo on it. So here is a police official with a tender heart and sentiment. Thank you, Cuz!

Police are people who work from their heart and get nothing in return. Thank a cop and appreciate their service. Always remember they are there for you. It’s what they do. Pardon the GEICO-ism.

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